Verner Oland (Johan Verner Ölund) was born october 3rd i the small village of Bjurholm in parish Bjurholm in the southern part of the county Västerbotten
Parish Bjurholm was until 1809 an inland part of the parish Nordmaling.
Nordmaling is known since anything is known up here in the north.
This part of Sweden is not far from the polar circle.
Verner was baptized to Johan Verner in october 10th the same year.
His fader was a forest ranger in the small village of Bjurholm in parish Bjurholm
1891did the family leave Bjurholm and they moved to the neighbouring parish of Nordmaling.
The family settled in the small village of Hörnsjö and they lived there for about 2 years.
Verners father become in Hörnsjö a small shop keeper.
October 15 1892 did the family emigrate to United States from Hörnsjö.

Jonas Ölund family with all born children

Jonas Ölund family when they emigrated.
3 of the children was already dead.
2 of the children , Karl Gunnar and Hanna Maria, had not been baptized according the records ,which was very rare in this part of Sweden at this time.

Verner Oland has a very interesting background and ancestors can probably be traced to the early 1500 and even further if Björn Skeppare in Stockholm also is encluded.
Björn Skeppare was a very famous man i Stockholm during 1400 and often mentioned in these early records, but the connections are not conclusive.
One of Verners ancestors , as well as my own , is the famous vicar Zakris Laurenti from the parish of Anundsjö, not far from where Verner was born a few hundred years later.
Zakris Laurenti was a vicar in parish of Anundsjö in the early 1600
Zakris Laurentis son Lars become county police in the same parish probably to 1681, when Erik Olofsson took over.
County police had at that time a very important position in every parish and their position was only second to the vicar.
But the most famous county police was probably Zakris Meden Larsson a son of previous mentioned Lars Zakrisson.
He was county police 1709-1723.
Zakris Medens son Zakris Meden Zakrisson then took over as county police during 1723-38.
An other of my ancestor David Hielman then became the county police 1738-65.
These 4 generations of vicars , county polices and farmers did hold the upper hand in Anundsjö during almost 100 years during the late 1600 and the early 1700

Zakris Meden Zakrisson was married twice and had at least 16 children
Zakris son Jonas Meden born 1740 is the next link to Verner Oland
Jonas was a farmer in the village Norrmesunda in Anundsjö during 1759-1805
His son Per took over the same farm during 1822-32
Pers daughter Catarina did marry twice and Verners father Jonas Ölund was born in Catarinas first marrige with Erik Ersson from the village Mjösjö i parish of Nordmaling
Verners father Jonas was borned in the small village of Önskanäset in parsih Gideå.

Verner Olands ancestors in 10 generations from my databas Kråken consisting of totally 259.000 persons and covering parishes between Örnköldsvik and Skellefteå in Northern Sweden from 1500 to up about 1930
There are also several other line of ancestors with many interesting stories

Verner Olands 5 generations grapic ancestor table
My databas Kråken covers parishes situated between Örnsköldsvik and Skellefteå and centering around the city of Umeå.
Ancestors from 1500 up until our age are traced in databas Kråken
Umeå is a city with more than 100.000 people and the 2nd largest city north of Stockholm.
Umeå is about 500 miles north of Stockholm.
North of Stockholm covers about 2/3 av Sweden.

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